Nicole + Zach // Love

Hot dang!

I realize it’s been a million and one years since I last blogged.

Not ok.

This winter has been crazy exciting… more coming on that soon.  Oi!  I also have been hesitant to post, as I am in the works of rebranding (eek) and updating my entire site (boom).  I have so many incredible session waiting and this post is beyond overdue.  Speaking of overdue Nicole and Zach already welcomed their sweet little bundle into this world!  Isn’t she just the cutest preggers? I can’t even express how incredibly adorable these two are!  I asked them what a typical Saturday morning looks like to them and you better believe these adventurous souls reminded me, sometimes you just need to escape the city and experience a little nature!  Can I get an amen?  Here is what I need my Saturdays to start looking like.  3V6A78973V6A79153V6A79133V6A79223V6A79303V6A79353V6A79403V6A79443V6A79453V6A79613V6A79693V6A79793V6A79893V6A79843V6A82273V6A79973V6A79943V6A80003V6A80173V6A80213V6A8029-23V6A80333V6A8035-23V6A80393V6A80693V6A80503V6A80743V6A80853V6A80823V6A81313V6A81363V6A81353V6A81573V6A81653V6A81823V6A81773V6A82423V6A81963V6A82123V6A82183V6A82273V6A82493V6A82593V6A82663V6A82873V6A83373V6A83333V6A84113V6A83513V6A83663V6A83863V6A83953V6A8403

  • Lauren Cosgrove said:

    Beautiful! Where were these taken?

  • Bjorna Hoen Almaden said:

    Eek make me miss WA! Awesome session!