Elaine + Mike // Wedd

Oh, hi guys!

Please tell me you have been enjoying this glorious sunny weather!  Because “hello” all this consecutive sunshine is a rare happening here in Seattle!  Bring it sunshine, I like you.

You know what…?

I had a revolutionary thought during this wedding.

What if you could carve out LOTS of free-time on your wedding day and you literally could mosey around town together, dance in alley ways, go to a coffee shops and drink delicious frothy beverages while munching on a  yummy pastry? Skip all that hustle and bustle of a typical wedding and truly enjoy your day.  I’m sure you have spent years dreaming about this day so lets make it GRANDE! It’s possible. It’s doable.  With a well thought out timeline this can honestly happen!  Who wants a low stress wedding?  Oh, yah… I see those hands raised. I don’t blame you because dang, weddings can be stress overload!

Most likely the “TOP” photos you will want to hang on your wall are the bride and groom photos!  Can I get an AMEN?  I’m married, its true…   So why cut this monumental photo opportunity short!?  Spending time with your soon to be spouse on your wedding day is ridiculously important!  In order to get that time together a well thought out timeline is an absolute must.

Here are a few tips I suggest for getting more spouse time on your wedding day:

1.) A first look. Yup, I know it breaks the tradition of seeing her walk down the aisle (who likes tradition anyways) but that moment could be so much richer if you could embrace, hold one another, debrief and talk about your morning while spending the rest of the day together!  Your wedding should be spent together and this will allow you the opportunity to do so.

2.) Not scheduling the wedding timeline back to back.  Create cushion.  Weddings NEVER, EVER run on time so if you create moments of free-time in between the family photos, bridal party photos… you get my drift… you can afford if things run a little behind without stress’n and cutting into important times such as the bride and groom photos!

3.) Breaking up bride and groom time!  Perhaps you can create time for extra bride and groom photos at golden hour. Lighting is a huge contributor for epic photos and with a well thought out timeline we can make this happen and plan things when lighting is best. You betchya.  I’ll give you all the tips.

4.) Keeping family photos to a minimum.  During the reception photographers have more free-time, if you want to pull great aunts and unlces in for that photo opportunity this is the perfect time to do so!

Well, Mike and Elaine get double high fives as they did an A+++ job of creating lots and lots of cushion time they were able to  spend most of the day together rather than apart! Hallelujah. This my friends is a beautiful thing.  We literally had an impromptu coffee shop stop and lots of meandering around town.  Oh, happy day.

These two were a blast, thanks you both for letting me share in an incredibly fun day!  Smiles for days.