Caitlin + Sean = Gavin & Marlowe

“I want to remember the moments,
the moments you needed me to embrace you tight,
and hear the beating of my heart.
I want to remember the moments,
the moments you needed me to hold your hand,
and guide you along the way.
I want to remember the moments,
the moments your gaze caught mine,
and for just a moment we stopped time.”

-Kristin Hallak

(And sometimes I write poems).

M83 // “Wait”



I want to remember the moments.

  • Sarah Wright said:

    Another beautiful family captured by a beautifully talented lady!

    • said:

      Aw, thanks sweet one! They sure are a beautiful family! <3

    • Tailynn said:

      this really made my day!when we got gilly, we’d both forgotten how stressful puppies can be. your book helped give us a guideline on how to stay calm, and disasters to avoid.gilly was a handful, and still is, but positive training has been amazing. we have a pit bull mix with zero aggression towards people, other dogs, et80#c23&;she just eats the occasional book or pair of crocs!