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Oh, hi! I’m so glad you found me. It is truly an honor to document another person’s life and tell their story. We all have a different story to tell. Epic photography starts with connection. If you felt moved by my work and drawn to my creative storytelling then we should meet.


I don’t just take photos, I make art. My background in painting and drawing influences the way I shoot. I’m constantly on the look out for epic light, creative compositions, and raw emotion. I believe in the importance of educating my clients to help teach them how to create top-notch photos. Oh, and guess what? Your story can make for some pretty killer art too.


I thrive off of spontaneous adventures. Ready? OK, let’s go. I like to have fun in life. My process is unscripted and candid. I don’t do traditional posed photos and I don’t use a shot list. My best work happens when clients give me their control and trust. I realize my style isn’t for everyone. If you want classic posed photos then we aren’t the right match. If you want to have fun while authentically telling your story then let’s talk!


Art tells a story. I want your images to honestly reflect who you are and what is important to you. I want you to look back in 30+ years and remember this exact stage in life.


I pour my heart into every session. I genuinely want to get to know YOU and be an important part of your story. I choose to work with people who value photography as much as I do. If you are just price shopping for the lowest rate then we are not the right fit. I take my time in preparation and post-production and I work carefully to produce fine art. Working with me means you have the patience to create exceptional memories that last a lifetime.


I love Jesus, He’s rad. I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband and two little people. My time is limited and I only invest in a select number of photo shoots each year. If you are inspired by my work then we should definitely speak!



We all remember where our first date took place. It’s where the magic all began, the butterflies, the nerves, the uncertainties. But what about all the times in-between your first date that led you to where you are now? Where are those favorite places that remind you of one another, where your relationship grew and blossomed? The record store or the farmers market? A special hike or a local coffee shop? Let’s capture that part of your story through these images. Think about what makes you quirky, unique and fun as a couple and let’s have an adventure!


Let’s make this an enjoyable experience and keep it nice and easy. I will let you do your thing as a family and document your story in this season of life. What are some of your favorite traditions or activities to do as a family? Making breakfast together? Baking cookies? Finger painting? Running around in the sprinklers? A stroll to the park? Let’s document those moments that make you who you are as a family.


Let’s ditch the fake backdrop and create some photos that authentically reflect you! We all have something unique that makes us who we are. Let’s translate that into the images we make together.


I don’t want to be just another vendor or just another photographer who shows up to the job. I want a relationship. A friendship. This friendship is important to me, it will help me authenticaly tell your story in all it’s glory, with all the warm and fuzzy feels. Friends have a connection and this is really a special part of why I do what I do.

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PHOTO CREDIT // Abeille Photography